If you’re looking for reliable, accurate and cost effective audio transcription or copy-typing services then Word 4 Word Transcription is the company for you!

Word 4 Word Transcription is made up of a reliable UK based team who work their fingers off to provide accurate audio transcripts and copy-typed documents of an excellent quality, and all for a cost effective price.

Audio Transcription Service

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Copy-Typing Service

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Audio Transcription Service

What is Audio Transcription? 

In its simplest form audio transcription is the process of turning audio material into text, allowing us to produce a written record, making it easier to harness the information. The trick to good audio transcription, however, is not just to create a word for word account but also to highlight the non-verbal communications – the affliction of someone’s voice, the emphasis placed on certain words, the silence and the laughter – which ultimately allows us to capture the atmposhere and the meaning behind the words.

There are many reasons why someone might chose to transcribe their audio material, and as a team we’ve encountered lots of projects where audio transcription is required for numerous purposes. So, whether it’s dictations, telephone conversations, one-to-one interviews, focus groups, business meetings or lectures that you want transcribed for the purpose of reports, letters, meeting minutes, journalist articles, qualitative research, consultations or educational aids, we’ve got the experience and dedication to produce excellent quality transcripts.

Transcription Styles

We offer both intelligent verbatim and strict verbatim styles of transcription

Intelligent Verbatim


Standard style of transcription

Provides a clean transcript that omits ‘ums’ and ‘errs’, false starts, filler words, repetitions and corrects slang.

Still includes relevant non-verbal communications, such as laughter and pauses.

Prices starting from £0.90 per audio minute


Strict Verbatim


A transcriptoin style that transcribes every word as it is spoken and all non-verbal communications.

Includes all utterances, false starts, filler words and slang.

Prices starting from £1.00 per audio minute.


Transcript Extras


All transcripts are proofread twice free of charge.

Individual speaker identification can be provided in various forms.

Time coding intervals can be added to transcripts.

Transcript Format and Guidelines

Below you can view and download our standard intelligent verbatim template and guidelines,  allowing you to see how the transcription process happens, and what the resulting product will look like. 

Please note: strict verbatim styles and transcripts with additional extras follow different guidelines and so will look slightly different to the example below

Transcript Format and Guidelines Download

You can download a copy of the Word 4 Word Transcription Format and Guidelines via the button below.

Copy-typing Service


What is copy-typing? 

Copy-typing is the process of taking non-digital documents and rewriting them into an editable digital text. Whilst it typically includes non-digital documents, as the process of converting PDF documents can require expensive software it is also becoming common for copy-typing services to be utilised to convert PDF documents into Word. 

Copy-Typing Process

Here at Word 4 Word Transcription we copy-type from a variety of texts, including both handwritten and PDF documents, which can be either scanned or sent directly to us. 

All copy-typing is completed in a Word document, and we can either keep all formatting and text of the document the exact same, or make any alterations you require. 

The formatting of images, tables, bulleted lists, section breaks, headers and footers are all included in the price with an extra proofreading of the document free of charge!

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