Word 4 word transcription has straightforward prices for all audio transcription, copy-typing and proofreading services. 

 There are no hidden costs or surprises! 

With rates starting from as little as £0.90 per audio minute for audio transcription and lots of customisable features we’ve got options to suit all needs and budgets. 


Audio Transcription Service

Rates starting from just £0.90 per audio minute.


Copy-Typing Service

Rates starting from as little as £10.00 per 1,000 words.

Audio Transcription Service Rates

The following audio transcription service costs are priced per audio minute based on the number of speakers present, for a standard transcript which includes:

An intelligent verbtim transcription style,

Simple speaker identification,

 Proofreading of the transcript,

★  A 98% accuracy guarantee for clear audio (with minimal background noise and without strong/harsh accents)

For more information on the standard transcription style our formatting and guidelines are avaialble to view and download on the Services page.

Type Of Audio File

Number Of Speakers

Price Per Audio Minute


1 Speaker


One-to-One Interview

2 Speakers


Focus Group

3 Speakers


4 Speakers


5 Speakers


6+ Speakers

Continue to add £0.10 per additional speaker

Audio Transcription Service Extras

The following extras are also available as part of the audio transcription service at an additional cost:







Strict Verbatim Style

A transcription style that transcribes every word as its spoken, and non-verbal communications.

Includes all utterances, false starts, filler words and slang



+ £0.10

per audio minute.


Individual Speaker Identification

 Individual identification of all speakers by name, initials or number


+ £0.10

per audio minute



Time Codes

Time codes included at specific intervals within the transcript.

Please note that time codes at a minimum of 10-minute intervals are free of charge upon request.



+ £0.10

per audio minute


Short Audio Files

Audio files under five minutes long that are required to be transcribed into individual documents have a minimum charge.


£5.00 minimum charge

(For a standard transcript, which does not include additional extras)


Copy-Typing Service Rates

Copy-typing is priced at £10.00 per 1,000 words. This includes the formatting of tables and images, and proofreading of the document free or charge.


Additional Service Information

Turnaround Time

We get all work done in an efficent timeframe to suit your deadline, so there are no additional charges for turnaround time. If you need the job done in a short time frame (48 hours or less) just ask and we’ll do our best to acomodate you.

Audio Quality

If the audio quality is poor or involves harsh accents that are difficult for our transcribers to clearly hear we’ll notify you and give you 24 hours (subject to agreed deadlines) to agree whether you would like us to go ahead with the transcription, at which point you’ll have accepted that the poor audio quality or harsh accents may impact upon the clarity of the transcript.

Alterations and Corrections

Upon receipt of your transcript or copy-typed document if you notice anything that you would like us to change in regard to the formatting or guidelines we’ve followed we will happily do our best to implement these changes for you free of charge within 48 hours. 

This does not include editing transcripts to incorporate any of the transcript extras listed above, which will incur an additional charge. 


Upon completion of the service an invoice will be sent. If the service is ongoing invoices will be sent on a rolling basis. Payment for any services carried out by Word 4 Word Transcription is execpted within 30 days of reciept of the invoice – unless otherwise agreed prior to the work commencing. Payment is accepted by BACS and PayPal. All transaction fees must be paid by the client, and all payments must be made in Pound Sterling.

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